Be equipped for your trip by playing the snacks are packed very hygienic and quality assurance by the French breads, meats, Jambong, Fever mayone with the kind of vegetables comes in addition that you can order pizza types according to the size you want or the health of your dining Hamberger has cost between $3 - $5.
vnvn_design_web_about_usPie is a food, usually in the form of cakes to breads baked for dessert. There are many kinds of cakes, can be classified based on raw materials and processing techniques such as cakes made ​​from wheat, butter, sea foam cakes. Cakes may serve special purposes like wedding cakes, birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, cakes Halloween...

Today when life is increasingly high, people not only need food and clothing, but also to reach the higher target is delicious dressed. So AV Cake born pastry to partially meet the needs of today's society.

On the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, new album, the anniversary of incorporation,... Why not a cake "monopoly" I think the only right? AV Cake Bakery is always ready to implement your ideas, turn your ideas into reality gift for your loved ones in the family, colleagues at work or fan. For example: image cake bearing the image of the character in the comics, toys, animals such as orange wings, porcupines, bears, tanks... dedicated to my beloved child; Or of fresh roses, the romantic murals... to bestow loving wife or disk image of boiled shrimp, fish sauce plate for husband... especially you can print the one you love, company logo, photo album on cake size from small to large.

With 10 years of experience and raw materials are imported from Europe plus the passionate love craft creative cakes AV Cake will bring you and your sophistication, elegance and superb quality of food France. Pie AV Cake not use additives, no preservatives, no colors used. Our criteria are: consumer health is above all! We are proud to offer products for the APEC Summit 2008. When you need to organize gala Cocktail, Wedding, Birthday and public holidays, please come to the base of our production! AV Cake cakes always make you satisfied!