Be equipped for your trip by playing the snacks are packed very hygienic and quality assurance by the French breads, meats, Jambong, Fever mayone with the kind of vegetables comes in addition that you can order pizza types according to the size you want or the health of your dining Hamberger has cost between $3 - $5.
Currently on the market to test different pastry shops sprouting like mushrooms almost everywhere have cake shop. Consumers may not know is because the French pastry shop or advertising are bordering French pastries. At AVCake products made ​​with quality equivalent at Sofitel Metropole Hotel bread, cakes designs are similar and somewhat more subtle because a team of skilled craftsmen.
Along with traditional products here also has a lot of other products, such as in France, such as ice cream here made ​​from fresh raw eggs, milk, sugar, and fresh fruit, ice cream do not mix flavoring. So a health guarantee for the amount of vitamin unchanged from fresh fruit as well as nutrients from milk and egg, so AVCake products confirmed the difference with other bakeries with quality. Come to us once and forever you will never forget.

In addition to ensuring product quality is always high standards of food safety and hygiene, we also have incentive programs for customers:
  • When you buy 5 get 1 free product will be the same value product.
  • If you buy bread with the large number of 50 or more will get a 10% discount on the total invoice value.