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Delivery process
vnvn_design_web_giao_hangStep 1:
After successful purchase orders, customer will receive an order confirmation via email AV Cake. Information about the order code will be in the email. Customer retention can be collated as needed.

Step 2:
Employees of AV Cake customer care will contact customers by phone ( time 1 ) to confirm the order information, address and delivery time.

Step 3:
Delivery staff will contact customers by telephone ( 2nd) to appointment time prior to delivery.

Step 4:
At the receiving location, customer orders and check product before signing the certification on delivery notes.
Upon receipt of goods, customers should be aware of implementation:

  • Open the package and compare goods with delivery slip
  • Poultry products check the right products that customers have ordered or not
  • Check the packaging and the product is damaged due to shipping process or not

If not satisfied with 1 in 3 above, Customer may request delivery confirmation staff and returned.
AV Cake will not be responsible for resolving customer complaints after receiving customer signed and paid .
If customers choose the form of "direct payment on delivery" may be paid directly to the delivery staff immediately after delivery.